Set yourself free right now

The day you stop doing what you think other people want you to do is the day you will set yourself free...
Be honest with yourself.

Did you initially choose your career path based on what you thought someone you love would be proud of you doing?

Are you stuck in the same pattern of working in jobs you hate all because of that first career path you chose? What if you are at the point you cannot stand working where you are. Maybe you feel that you have been doing the same thing for years and you are not getting any younger. Is the pressure building? Are your responsibilities keeping you trapped; do you have children, elderly parents? Do you owe money? Do you have to keep working in that job to pay your loans off and keep a roof over your head?

In reality, do you feel you are now working to:

1. Please someone.

2. Pay for the children.

3. Pay back loans.

4. Etc...

In essence do you feel you are not living your life on your terms anymore?

What is the solution? What will help you improve your life if you are in that type of situation?

First of all the ability to press PAUSE on your life will help.

Ideally if you can take time off work, perhaps some holiday, then do it. Or at the very least set aside some time late at night or early in the morning. Use that time specifically to work out a FEEL4 path to a life you would like to live (this is called pathfinding). Start energizing your mind with hopes and desires. If you are in a marriage or partnership then involve the other person too, try and find a common dream. Explain how you feel. Communication is incredibly healing. As is knowing when to compromise.

The whole point of using FEEL4 and living a FEEL4 life is that you know the concept is a realistic and absolutely perfect formula to improve your situation. It is realistic in the sense that it knows you have responsibilities which mean you cannot immediately change (although I believe you can - but that is for another post or comment below).

FEEL4 is about you taking one action at a time so you feel better every day knowing you are at the very least moving closer to a dream goal.

Many times you will hear that the journey is the best part of being successful. This is true.
Feel the change you want to see...
So take time out to pause and plan your four step paths. The paths that will ensure your Health, Wealth and Relationships are improving and leading you to a situation you will feel better about.

Life is short, life can be planned whilst living in the moment. You cannot change the past but you sure as hell can change your present and future outlook. With this fact in mind you can always find hope and energy to enthuse your current situation.

For those of you who are stuck, use the power of choice and choose to start changing your life today.

Author: Cn



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