Sell more with FEEL4

When you start regularly practising FEEL4 you'll quickly come to realise that it can be applied to anything.

For example, Selling.

If you need to sell a product or service then FEEL4 is a powerhouse framework that gives you the best chance possible of making a sale.

First of all, for those of you who still don't know, here are the four steps of the formula:

Step 1 - Focus

Step 2 - Energize

Step 3 - Engage

Step 4 - Learn

*Repeat as necessary
Together these steps will lead you to developing an effective selling strategy.

The core aim of the strategy is to keep it simple.

Specifically I am talking about the advertising message. So this may be a message you want to show in an advert in the press, or in a selection of images and copy which are added to a landing page on a website.

Let's run through a path which looks at selling a very straight forward product. You can then copy this path and apply the principles to your own product or service.



I am focusing on selling 100 bottles of water through the internet within the next 7 day period.


I feel energized to sell these bottles of water because:

- For every bottle sold 50% goes to a charity which provides children in war-torn countries with water.

- I will win the challenge my colleague gave me saying I could not even sell 50 bottles of water.

- I will feel a great sense of achievement that I can do this.

- I am going to listen to the Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy on my way into work to give my selling knowledge a boost.


I am engaging and learning with the following actions:

1. I am engaging with getting a decent photo of the water product to show in my advertising

1.1 - I am learning that lighting is crucial when taking photos.

1.2 - I am learning that a good photo will boost the likelihood of people wanting to buy the water.

1.3 - I am learning that I cannot take photos and so it is best to pay a professional who knows what they are doing and whose work I can see before hand.

2. I am engaging with writing the copy for the advertisement.

2.1 - I am learning that I am good with the copy writing.

2.2 - I am learning that having as little copy as possible provides a much more powerful message to the viewer of the advertisement.

2.3 - I am learning that it is good to view other big brands and their adverts to get inspiration.

2.4 - I am learning that it is vital that the ad emits an amazing energy that anyone reading it cannot deny and should take action if they want the product, for example by stating a discount or any other bit of information I know will help make up someone's mind to buy the product.

3. I am engaging with understanding which are the best internet channels I can sell water through and ones that will suit my budget

3.1 - I am learning that I can sell water in a health related magazine which is both on and offline, on Amazon, on eBay, through my website.

3.2 - I am learning that it will help boost my sales to run an ad campaign on Google, Facebook and or Twitter in conjunction with the product placed on a website or shopping site like Amazon.

3. I am engaging with choosing to set up my product on a website home page and then paying for Google ads to funnel people to it.

3.1 - I am learning that it is good to ask for help and my cousin is building my website for me.

3.2 - I am learning that getting prepared and ready to sell takes longer than planned when you are starting from scratch. There is a steep learning curve. For example understanding that I needed a payment gateway like PayPal so people can pay for the product.

3. I am engaging with launching my website and starting the advertising campaign.

3.1 - I am learning that it is good to have my cousin ready on launch day to help with any technical issues.

3.2 - I am learning that you cannot please some customers and that having a strong policy that they agree to will save a lot of time with returns or refunds.

3.3 - I am learning that finding forums and like minded people and companies through social networks is a great free way to promote the water.

3.4 - I am learning that targeting people on social media at a specific time generated more sales, such as 8pm when people have finished work and have just been to the gym and have a craving for a drink the next time they work out.

3.5 - I am learning that good quality packaging saves me a lot of money in the end with little damages occurring during in transit and good reviews from those who have bought the bottles.

Final Notes...

Every path is obviously going to personal to you, the services / product, and your resources and situation.

The purpose of the latter path is to give you an idea how FEEL4 can tease out all of the actions and the mindset you need to see your goal come true. It leads you down a path of improvement. It is a very simple framework which covers all of the patterns you will always find in a successful venture. How much time and effort you are willing to give your own FEEL4 path will determine how quickly you find success.

Someone who has sold bottles of water for the last ten years will obviously be able to walk the FEEL4 path very quickly, understanding what actions to take for the engagement step. However, even if you are new to selling water, FEEL4 is a formula that automatically tweaks what you are doing as you work through the four steps. So if at the end of the 7 day period you have not sold a thing, you should at least have gained some valuable lessons in to what you can do the next time to make it more successful. And you can keep walking a path until you are an expert. The key thing is to stick to your focus, to keep walking the path. It is only when you give up that improvement will stop.

FYI here is the website page ad example of the above path selling water:

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