Self improvement patterns

There are self improvement patterns everywhere.

What I mean by this is. Where self development and the understanding of success is concerned you can read books, watch videos, talk to wise and successful people and you will always find that throughout their conversations and achievements there are patterns of words and or techniques. This is especially the case where successful athletes are concerned.

For example when Usain Bolt broke the world record for the 100 metres sprint, the pattern he would have followed was to FOCUS on running his fastest, to feel ENERGIZED to beat the world record, to ENGAGE with running the race and to LEARN what made him perform best and want to go even faster.

Furthermore, what truly makes a pattern powerful is that you can find it repeated elsewhere. In the case of past 100 metre world record holders, they too would have followed the FEEL4 pattern when they won their races.

FEEL4 is labelled as being a formula, but it is also very much a pattern.

The four steps (Focus + Energize + Engage + Learn) is a pattern which is always found whenever improvement and or success is demonstrated.

Don't believe me. Let's put this to the test. Search for ten successful people's stories and I bet you that all ten will have a FEEL4 pattern in them. I look forward to your comments.

Author: Cn



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