How Anthony Joshua uses FEEL4 to win his fights

The more you use FEEL4 and understand its four steps the more see them in everything you encounter. Boxing is a great example.

Last night Anthony Joshua won his fight against WBA heavyweight Alexander Povetkin.

Anthony is walking a FEEL4 path to greatness. He is firmly focused on winning all of the heavy weight belts to become the supreme undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. This focus (the first step of the FEEL4 formula) is what is enabling him to keep moving towards his vision.

Along his journey Anthony is also working through all of the remaining three steps (energize + engage + learn) by factoring in energizing his fans as well as himself to generate ultimate power and to want to engage with his components one after the other in victorious fashion.

He also, of course, is learning from each fight path he walks and is using his lessons learned to continually improve his boxing and adapt to each new fighter and their own fighting style.

Energy is key when it comes to boxing, many a great fighter has lost a fight because they didn't respect the energy levels needed. Equally many a fighter has won their boxing match because their energizing factors were stronger than their opponent. It is an old adage but a boxer fighting for his life is going to be more enduring than one simply fighting for money.

What makes Anthony stand out from many fighters is his compassion and humility. When you are a powerful man physically the more you display goodness (another quality of FEEL4) the more powerful you become.

Anthony is making his way towards his ultimate focus, to fight and beat Deontay Wilder but at the moment Deontay is focused on Tyson Fury.

The true test of being a champion will be when Deontay's focus meets Anthony's and he finally agrees to step into the ring with him. When that happens the parts of FEEL4 that will truly decide who wins or who doesn't will be the energizing list each fighter has - as in who wants to win most and feels that energy bubbling through their body - and who understands the rules of engagement most as well as who has taken on board lessons learnt from their past fights and from others they have witnessed.

Below is a video clip from Deontay Wilder. Compared to the mannerisms of Anthony, which of the two fighters do you think has the FEEL4 steps narrowed down most? In that answer you already know who the winner will be in a boxing match.

Author: Cn



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