FEEL4 is a website marketing superpower

This website is dedicated to helping people improve their situation. If you are a website designer and or marketer you are about to find out that FEEL4 is a website marketing superpower!

When you become aware that FEEL4 automatically tweaks what you are focusing on achieving, every time you walk down a path (a path is when you use all four steps sequentially - Focus + Energize + Engage + Learn), you will quickly come to realise that it applies easily to improving everything you do.

Website marketing is one great example.

Okay so let's start with a website home page or landing page. What do you think is the number one purpose for a website designer and marketer?

Yes you guessed it. The number one purpose is to get whomever views the page to FOCUS (Step 1) on a call to action.

A call to action for those who don't know is defined as follows:



an exhortation or stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem.

This is an example of a dating website's call to action you have probably seen:

Note, the green link above is another call to action!

For those designing a website page which is intended to sell a product, having the right call to action can be a matter of staying in business or not.

So understanding how FEEL4 applies is going to help many people improve the way they setup their website pages. And this is how...

We have already established that people need to know what to FOCUS on when they land on a website page. So the first step in applying the four step formula to a page is to decide what that focus is.

Apple are great at this. They keep it simple and simplicity is key to avoiding eye confusion and getting people to focus on the one thing that page is leading them to. Let's take a look at Apple's current iPhone page:

I mean if that is not a work of genius when it comes to a call to action I don't know what else is. Perfect. So Simple. A HUGE photo of the iPhone and a sales pitch followed closely by the two things most people will want to quickly do - learn more or buy the damn thing!

The second step in the FEEL4 formula that you need to apply to your website page (once you have established your focus) is the step which ENERGIZEs people to want to click the focus you have shown them. This is the most critical step as far as website page marketing is concerned. If you understand your target audience well you should be able to understand what it is they desire. If you can do this step you will more or less guarantee whomever lands on the page will take the action/s you want.

Apple are pretty lucky because in their case almost everyone who lands on their website pages desire an apple product, but for other small businesses they will need to work harder to make their case. An example of several lines which compel people to want to click a link/button might be as follows:

- Submit this form today and get 99% off the retail market price!

- Buy one and get two free (20 seconds until offer ends)...

- Free advertising for one year when you subscribe...

Are you getting it? Are you feeling how energizing is crucial? Note, you need to create some urgency too, before that energizing effect runs out!

Okay, let's move on to step three of the FEEL4 formula. It is time to ENGAGE! With regards to marketing there are two sides to the engagement step. There is the fact the website designer and marketer needs to engage with creating the page and there is the fact that those who land on the page need to physically engage with clicking that call to action link or button! I am going to concentrate on the latter.

Let us say you have followed this post's advice successfully. You have your target audience eating out of your hand, they want to click that call to action as soon as they can physically click. But then what? What happens next? They engage with clicking but what is the purpose? Step three in this scenario is about you understanding what you want to achieve.

If you have read the guide you will know that the four steps of FEEL4 cross pollinate one another; in this case we are discussing engaging but also asking what is your ultimate focus? What do you want to get out of the successful call to action? Sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how many people don't think it through. They get fifty-thousand sales and cannot cope.

It might simply be you want to build an email list. This is fine. Or just send people to an affiliate page where you get a commission, again fine. The point is for you to know what you want people to keep engaging with. Once they click the link/button then what other steps do they need to engage with? Do they have to look at their spam inbox to confirm their subscription? Do they have to fill out another form? Be mindful of this and try and make wherever it is you are sending the page viewer to, somewhere they will feel energized enough to keep engaging.

And finally, the fourth step is to LEARN as you go through the process. It may be that you need to learn from A/B testing; as in you have two website pages with different calls to action and you want to see which is more successful. Or you may learn that using too many images in a page slows that page speed down and ruins the user experience. Perhaps you learn that the affiliate page you are sending to was the wrong one. Whatever it is, remember to log all your lessons learnt and keep pushing yourself to improve at what you are doing.

I hope this has shown you some insight into how FEEL4 can enhance your website page marketing.

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