Learn the diet & exercise secrets actors use for the perfect body

Okay first of all, I have to say sorry. Why? Because the headline mentions the "Perfect Body" but the truth is there is no perfect body. Although, there is definitely a shape you can get your own body into that will make it look the best it can be and make you feel better.

This post helps to explore the path actors go on to get a great looking body for the movies they are starring in. A path you can copy to get your body looking and feeling great.



I am focusing on finding out what actors do to get a great looking body for movie roles like Superman and I want to find this out by the end of this blog post.


I feel energized to want to achieve this focus because I am keen to get my body in shape so that I have more chance to live longer. I am also really keen to attract someone who I am attracted to; someone who also wants their body to be the best it can be.


I am engaging and learning things via the following actions:

1. I am engaging with watching the video at the top of this blog post.

1.1 I am learning that when you are exercising intensely it is mostly what you eat that has the biggest effect on your body shape. Most of the actors are saying it is not a pleasant journey, eating things like chicken, eggs, tuna over and over again starts to feel very arduous.

1.2. I am learning that the quote "No pain no gain" is true. If you are trying to build muscle and you are feeling like you cannot lift another weight, that is precisely when you should keep going.

2. I am engaging with searching Google for the diet and exercise plan that specific actors did for their roles.

2.1 I am learning that these actors followed these plans:

- Dwayne Johnson / Hercules >>>

- Henry Cavill / Superman >>>

- Chris Hemsworth / Thor >>>

- Hugh Jackman / Wolverine >>>

Final Notes...

One thing not mentioned above is "Natural Ability". If you have never lifted a weight in your life or eaten a vegetable then jumping head first into the plans mentioned above will not be wise. Before going head on into all this, you should always consult a doctor or any other nutrition and fitness specialist that can help you understand what your body can cope with.

The golden rule is vary your workout routine, keep your muscles stimulated by changing what exercises you do. For example don't do 100 press-ups every day, instead do them one day and the next rest, then go swimming, keep changing the type of exercise for the same part of your body. Varying your workouts will stimulate your muscles and keep them excited as to what challenges they will face next.

Hope you found this useful?

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