Casey Neistat meets 360 degree time lapse

I was watching Casey's video today and was intrigued by his Tech Tuesday gadget, the 360 degree time lapse camera mount.

What does it do?

The gadget allows you to place a camera onto it and it then turns around 360 degrees whilst the camera takes sequential photos.

Casey's time lapse gadget was made by the brand "Camalapse" which he said retails for around $25. The trouble is (from what I could search and see) the Camalapse has been discontinued. With this in mind I gave myself a focus to find an alternative 360 degree mount which you can place a camera on (phone or SLR) and be able to copy what Casey did in the video.

I was actually pretty surprised at the fact there was no clear market leader. On Amazon I came across THIS LIST and looked for similar gadgets under $20 / £16. Out of the ones I looked at, the reviews were few and not that good, so I felt I didn't want to promote them here.

However, eventually I came across THIS MANFROTTO PANO360 motorised head mount.

Take a look at it in action here:

Seems pretty good to me - but there is one question that keeps coming to mind... Why wouldn't you just go out and buy the Insta 360 Air pocket camera for £89 / $117

...Okay, yes, maybe that is why the Camalapse has been discontinued!

Author: Cn



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