4 steps to becoming rich

I always get excited when I am listening, watching or reading motivational stories and I hear the FEEL4 steps being mentioned in some way or another.

You see the truth is I LOVE FEEL4! It has saved my life. It has made me feel 100% better about every part of my life. And I want it to do the same for you.

My hope is that you genuinely get to understand FEEL4 and love it as much as I do. And I know when that happens you’ll feel like a kid in a toy store too and will want to share your experiences at FEEL4.com as I am posting about mine now.

Okay so let’s get to it. How to become rich...

Well who better to advise you then Grant Cardone. A millionaire marketer who kicks ass helping Fortune 500 companies grow their sales revenues.

If you have read my guide and understand the FEEL4 formula you will be able to watch the video of Grant’s sales team talk and constantly notice him describing the attributes of the FEEL4 formula. The first attribute you should notice is his advice for you to “FOCUS” on the right target - in other words - to know what you have to aim for to make you rich.

I am going to use the FEEL4 formula to breakdown Grant’s advice into its four steps. This will help you get to grips with what he is saying and to start up a FEEL4 path to becoming rich.

So, here goes, ready?

STEP 1 - FOCUS - To become rich you need to focus on how much monthly income you need to be able to live the life you want (AKA gain financial freedom) and once you have decided on that amount you need to aim to achieve that goal in a realistic time-frame that suits both your age and circumstances.

>>> Side Note 1: I phrased this first step as I have because it is not necessarily about you blatantly saying you want to be a 'billionaire' by the time you are twenty because - hell - you may already be in your sixties - or you may find all you need to live happily is a few thousand a month or less. Only you can know this. Therefore I advise that you set aside quality time to work this figure out. Be realistic. Know that there is a fantasy type focus to want to become a billionaire which you may never attain and then there is a realistic plan type focus that you only need to reach a stage where you don’t have to work if you don’t want to. The latter is much more achievable and satisfactory - it brings the proverbial carrot on a stick within reach. Be sensible and set a realistic monthly cash sum you need to live a contented lifestyle.

STEP 2 - ENERGIZE - To reach and attain your focus you need to be and remain motivated. Who are you doing this for? What will it mean to you? List out everything that you can think of which will inspire and drive you (every day) to take the actions you need to take to achieve your goal. Also think about how you are going to remain in a healthy state to keep going. If how you earn money is stressful then think about energizing yourself with yoga classes and going to the gym, take up some hobbies where you get time to recharge. Understand too what kit you will need to walk down this path. Will you need a new car if you are a regional salesman? Perhaps you only need a laptop to setup an online store? After step two you should be pumped to get and be able to keep on going!

STEP 3 - ENGAGE - Grant explains that to get rich you have to think smart. You have to engage with the following common sense actions:

1. Engage with working out your monthly expenses and what things you can afford to live without. Do you really need a Netflix subscription? The golden rule is to ask yourself whether what you pay for each month is a “Nice-To-Have” or “Need-To-Have” item? If you don’t have a Netflix subscription will you starve to death? Be tough with your budgeting and remember that step two should have taught you the energizing reason why you are going to have to do without having any luxuries - because achieving the end financial goal is going to mean you can keep on affording those luxuries and perhaps afford even more after you reached it. But you won’t do that if you walk off your path!

2. Engage with finding a career (or several jobs) that has a monthly salary which will cover your monthly expenses and provide you with at least an additional 20% a month to invest in something that will make you a 100% chance of a guaranteed profit (i.e. placing it in a guaranteed high interest bank savings account or a guaranteed hedged stock where dividends are paid to you monthly). Note if you feel you are trapped in a dead end town with no prospects then plan to get the hell out of there. Work two jobs. Be innovative. You can find a way because it is physically possible - why - because people in your situation have done this. To use FEEL4 successfully you have to be positive in your attitude, if not you will fail. It is that simple. The choice is up to you. Sadly there is no gain without some kind of pain. But remember pain will make achieving your goals taste all the more sweeter!

2.1 Engage with also using other people’s money to invest in something that will make you an 80% likelihood of a guaranteed profit (i.e. borrow money for a house in a prime area knowing it has increased in value by 10,000 per year for the last 100 years and there is soon to be built a new industry which will bring more people and more jobs to want to buy that house in a year’s time). Learn to make money that is not yours work for you - it needs to drip feed a profit whilst you are sleeping.

3. Engage with living within your means at all times. I am repeating this one because you have to be serious about doing this, you cannot earn more one month and then spend it all on a watch. You absolutely cannot buy anything over and above your monthly expenses (expenses which should factor everything you need to spend in them). You must NEVER dip into your compounding savings pot.

4. Engage with monthly auditing of your spend and savings pot balance. Never leave your finances unmanaged. Always be aware of your income and outgoings as if your life depended on it (because in this particular case it does).

5. Engage with weekly brainstorming sessions to see how many other ways you can invest and increase your wealth. To make this easy, just keep asking yourself questions like: "What can I be doing to make more money". This is not rocket science.

STEP 4 - LEARN - Learn the following things constantly:

1. Learn what things other successful investors have and are doing to become wealthy. Search google for advice, read books, watch videos - learn - learn - learn!

2. Learn how you could improve your monthly financial management, list out what is working well and what is not.

3. Learn to ask people who have made money to share their lessons learnt with you. Email them, network with them, write a letter, phone them up.

4. Learn to do without any luxuries and to work even harder - WATCH THIS VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN [*WARNING SOME SWEARING] - right up until your investment and savings pot is earning enough revenue to allow you to go out and buy what it is you feel you need. For example, if you want to buy a new laptop worth 1,000 then the interest from your savings or the ROI from your investments (i.e. you wrote a book which is earning you money in sales) is paying you 1,000 without you having to touch what you earn from your day job. Basically that pot is paying for what you want without you having to physically work for it.

Be Smart

To become wealthy you have to condition your mind to be realistic about what will make you rich. The majority of people are like lemmings because they jump into the quicksand of life when they are young (e.g. they have an expensive wedding, they have children, they buy a bigger house they cannot afford and a car etc) and CRAZILY they just hope things will work out later on. NUTS!

The sooner you realise that nobody and nothing owes you anything in life, the sooner you will take responsibility for your own financial actions.

The best news you can take from this is that if you do stick to this FEEL4 path you will eventually be wealthy. It is 100% achievable and proven by millions of people who have done exactly this.

So feel better right now at your future prospects. You can do this. What are you waiting for?

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