Monk mantra advice

Monk Mantra Advice...

If you love mantras you will love this.

If you have read the FEEL4 guide then listening to the monk in this video will make you smile.

In the guide there are sections on how to energize yourself to achieve your focus. One of the things mentioned is the use of mantras. Specifically using a step two energizing list to be your mantra.

The monk gives the best and simplest tutorial for you to learn how easy mantras are to do and yet how incredibly powerful they are too.

Visualisation is also a section of the guide and the monk explains that using visualisation with your mantra makes it even more powerful. He mentions how energy surrounds us and how vibrations can pull things to us when we give off a similar vibration (frequency).

I will keep this post short, the video explains it all. Please start improving your life today by buying a copy of the guide.

Author: Cn



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