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I wanted to share with you another angle on using FEEL4. Usually when you work through its four steps each one will produce different information.

Well it doesn’t always have to be that way because the FEEL4 steps can actually all share the exact same information. Let me explain.

So today it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect. I walked my dog to the park and I chose to sit down on a bench. It overlooked the park from all angles.

As I sat there I ran through the FEEL4 formula in my mind. Doing this acted as a powerful form of mindfulness, of seizing and appreciating the moment I was living.

It was then that I realised the four steps...

Step 1 - FOCUS


Step 3 - ENGAGE

Step 4 - LEARN

...can all be exactly the same thing.

Importantly, when they are the same thing, they vibrate the moment deeply into your senses and it makes you feel better.

Let me explain...

This is what I was thinking as I stared at the beautiful green parkland:

Step 1 - FOCUS - I LOVE this moment

Step 2 - ENERGIZE - I LOVE this moment

Step 3 - ENGAGE - I LOVE this moment

Step 4 - LEARN - I LOVE this moment

Each time I moved from one step to the other I realised that saying "I LOVE this moment" fitted each one perfectly.

Let me explain further... I thought about what my focus for the moment should be and I came up with "I LOVE this moment". I moved on to step two and what was energizing me to seize this moment and again I just repeated "I LOVE this moment" because I truly felt energized and appreciative to be alive and living that moment - how could I possibly be more energized. Then I realised I was engaging with loving the moment - fully soaking up the sensation. And finally I learnt that what was important about doing the other three steps was that I loved the moment!

You see, as fast as it took my body’s neurotransmitters to pump all of the things I was experiencing around my body - the sights, the smells, the feelings - at the same time all of the FEEL4 steps were merged into one vibration to make the moment especially joyous. All my senses were locked into the oneness of the situation.

Hey, I know this sounds “Far Out”, I promise I wasn’t smoking any weird plant as I sat there! I wish I could explain it better so you can feel what I felt. Alas words on a screen tend to filter out the impact. I hope though that when you learn and start to integrate FEEL4 into your life that you experience moments like this too.

Author: Cn



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