FEEL4 Code of Conduct

FEEL4 Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

To practice FEEL4 you must always follow its core rules which are:
You must always think positively – about every part of the formula – positive thinking is the foundation of FEEL4 – especially so when facing difficulties.
You must always take “Good” actions – by being good you will generate goodness from within and without and in generating goodness you will help others improve too.
You must always do your best – by doing your best you will give yourself the greatest chance of success.
You must never quit - it is impossible to complete a path if you stop walking it.

Code Of Conduct Example

Imagine you are focusing on cycling 60 miles for a charity. You engage by starting your training with a bicycle ride. However when you are only two miles from home your bicycle chain breaks.

With a FEEL4 positive mindset you look at the breaking of your chain as a good moment. You accept that the chain is broken and that moaning will only make the situation worse. You instead think that you are very fortunate to only be two miles from home and not further. You start listing out other positive points as a result of your situation, especially ones you can learn from, such as:

At least the chain broke now and not in the actual charity event. This means I can be prepared for it to not happen again by buying a stronger chain and carrying a spare.

I am still getting the exercise I need to get fit by having to walk the bicycle back home, I feel happy knowing this is time not wasted.

This walk back is giving me more time to think about what lessons I have already learnt during the first two miles before the chain broke. I wonder whether I also need to buy a new seat or anything else to improve my cycling experience the next time I go for a ride.

I note that I have my mobile phone on me, so if things get too difficult (like it rains) I can always phone a friend for a lift back or to bring me a new chain.

As you are walking back and thinking positively you see that someone has dumped a large plastic sheet in some bushes. With a FEEL4 mindset you realise that doing a good deed will not only help the community you live in but it will also come back to reward you through karma. Therefore you push the bike over to the plastic sheet and drape it over your handle bars so you can place it in the next bin on route home. As you walk faster you smile at your own determination to give yourself as much of a cardio workout as you can.

Basically by choosing to be good you are always generating good energy which soaks into everything around you (including you). The outcome is goodness creates a better world to live in. It is a win-win situation for everything.



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