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How the hell does vacuuming fit in with FEEL4?

I am glad you asked 😀

Firstly, if you have already read the guide to FEEL4 you will know that EVERYTHING applies to it.

That means vacuuming applies!

So, today, I have to vacuum my home. It is one of those boring tasks I could so easily not want to do. But with FEEL4 it becomes an exciting opportunity to put the four step FEEL4 formula into action and this is how I do it…

First of all I mentally set out my FOCUS.

(Quick reminder, there are four steps to the FEEL4 formula: FOCUS, ENERGIZE, ENGAGE, LEARN)

My focus today is to:


  • 50 SITUPS
  • 50 SQUATS

The next thing I do is ENERGIZE myself as to why I want to do this. The reasons are as follows:

  • I am over 40 and I want my body to stay fit so I can feel good about myself and hopefully others will notice too.
  • My daughter’s birthday is this weekend and she will love coming home to a tidy home that smells clean and fresh.
  • If I complete all of those workouts I can reward myself with a treat when I pick up the shopping later today. I will also reward myself with a 5 minute breathing exercise to relax my mind and feel good.

I am typing this in real time (yes this is actually happening), so now that I am feeling energized and I am desperate to get on with vacuuming and cleaning… It is time to ENGAGE with the actions I have set out… BACK SOON with how I feel afterwards and also what I have LEARNT from the experience…

WOW only 35 minutes and I am done!

Okay a quick list of lessons learnt before I forget them:

– I learnt going around with the vacuum’s dusting attachment and cleaning shelves, corners, objects etc before vacuuming the floor is the way to go. Any debris/dirt/dust that is missed and falls on the floor can be vacuumed when the floor is done.

– I learnt it pays to wear flexible and light clothing for the combination of vacuuming and physical exercises.

– I learnt I FEEL BETTER for having done this! This is a big thing. It is a major lesson I keep learning for all tasks that seem daunting; the truth is the Yin Yang law of nature means that on the other side of hard work is always the reward for what you have achieved.

– I learnt that grouping my dog’s toys into one pile at the start helps avoid stopping the flow of vacuuming the floors.

So there you have it. My lessons learnt. In the FEEL4 GUIDE I explain how all of the FEEL4 steps and their experience should be written down in your FEEL4 Journal. That way you can revisit them. So the next time I have to clean my home I can look back through and see what things I learnt which will help me improve my experience and performance.

Can you see how FEEL4 works? Four simple steps, a positive mindset and heck, nothing can stop you!

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