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Why The Lack Of FEEL4 Posts

The elephant in the room (FEEL4 blog) right now is the fact I haven’t been writing many posts here on the FEEL4 blog.

Some may take this as a sign that FEEL4 is not worth writing about. Or perhaps the formula project has failed.

The wisdom I have learnt in life is that I don’t care what people think when good intentions are involved.

Let me explain more.

My intentions are all good. I want to share FEEL4 with those who want to see their life improve and find successes as they journey.

I have written a book, created a website and I have provided a free course. It is up to you whether you believe what you read and want to learn more.

The reason I have not written many posts is because FEEL4 is transforming my life immeasurably day by day. It is doing exactly what all the spiel you will read about on the other key pages of this website are stating it will do.

So that means I am growing my successes day after day, my time is being taken up more and more with meaningful activity that FEEL4 and its pathfinding techniques are leading me to.

So forgive me for not writing thousands of blog posts. I am finding happiness each day and when I can write I will.

The funny thing is FEEL4 is the most amazing and most powerful formula ever and yet whenever I write such profound statements they all seem to cheapen the appeal and make the formula sound corny, like a lie.

So I suppose the only way you can truly see what I am saying is true is to learn more and try the formula out for yourself…

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