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Professional pathfinding is a form of project management, coaching and therapy. It helps you work out paths using Q&As based around THE BIG 3 areas of your life and then uses the FEEL4 formula to define and track paths that will improve your situation and help you achieve life changing goals.

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Whenever you use FEEL4 you are what is known as “pathfinding”. You are walking down a four step path to achieve your focus. Anyone who uses the FEEL4 steps is called a “pathfinder”.

For those who prefer to be coached by someone with vast experience “professional pathfinding” is the way to go. It is a form of project management, coaching and therapy that is unique to FEEL4.

Auditing your life is a robust way to find out the areas you need to change and improve

A “professional pathfinder” will help you work out paths using Q&As based around THE BIG 3 areas of your life and then use the FEEL4 formula to define those paths to improve your situation and help you achieve life changing goals. Sessions can also be focused on specific objectives or challenges you are facing and want to succeed at.

Pathfinding will lead you to understand what things you have to do to improve your situation, attain your goals and immediately start to feel better.

People use FEEL4 pathfinding to help tackle and improve THE BIG 3 areas of their life, such as:

Work Stress / Breakdowns

Business Improvement

Health Improvement (Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle)

Relationships & Divorce Issues

Phobias (Anxiety & Depression)

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Fame & Life Purpose

Improved Sports Performance

Family Disagreements

Grief & Pain

There is no limit to what FEEL4 can improve and achieve.

FEES: Pathfinding is usually block booked in hourly packages. This allows you to choose to use all of the hours in one booking or to spread the pathfinding sessions over a longer term. Two hours is the recommended minimum session duration. Session fees start from £1 (UK) / $1 (US) per minute and you are only charged for the actual time committed. This means you pay low rates for the highest quality of pathfinding. You are always told when charges apply so no surprise bills. If a booked session duration is known fees are usually paid in advance via a secure PayPal portal (a link will be provided / other payment methods may be accepted), otherwise fees can be invoiced post session.

VENUE / BOOKING TYPES: Pathfinding sessions can take place in any venue. Online sessions tend to be the most popular and costs effective option as they are time convenient and avoid travelling costs and other expenses. Enquire below to find out if pathfinding virtually, in person one to one, in couples, or in groups will suit your circumstances.

An online session couldn’t be easier and is 100% stress free. You can choose to reveal your webcam or just use voice. You can now change your life from the comfort of you own home!
Initial 15 min online / phone consultation is FREE

*T&Cs Apply. Any method of contact which requires pathfinding advice and support may be charged for but you will always be advised when this is the case. Additional people incur a further charge. Travel & Expenses will also be charged additionally if required.

Booking is dependant on availability and pathfinding sessions are undertaken by the founding pathfinder Christian Jacques Bennett. All shared session information is kept 100% confidential.


To ask questions or book a session submit your info and we’ll get in touch asap!

*After submission a confirmation message will appear here. 100% confidential. Replies within 24hrs.

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  1. Jane
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Sounds cliched but I really did feel stuck in my life. Sh*t job, sh*t relationships, the usual. Christian has really helped me to map out paths which are already making me feel better and look forward to each day. Pathfinding is totally worth doing.

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