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41 minutes and 50 seconds into Jordan Harbinger’s interview by Tom Bileu and yet again more proof is uttered that FEEL4 is encoded into our lives. He literally states the first major step (Focus) of FEEL4 which in itself isn’t that remarkable but he then specifically states how the end result made him feel. This end result is the constant effect using FEEL4 will have on you and its the brand’s main slogan (Feel Better).

Also note, Jordan mentions the focusing of energy. Step two of the FEEL4 formula is all about using positive energy to drive you towards achieving the end result you are focusing on.

And lastly, he mentions how taking action helped to end his suffering of a difficult situation. Well, step three of the formula asks you to engage with the actions you need to take to accomplish your focus and feel better for it.

The formula is always present whenever success and improvement occur.

Here are some other examples that FEEL4 is encoded inside every success story:

Success Leaves Traces – In Other Words Paths >>>

James Lawrence Did 50 Ironmans Using FEEL4 >>>

I want to show you these finds because I am hoping you will get the same buzz I did when I first discovered and set out the FEEL4 formula.

On my journey to uncovering the four steps I watched and read so many videos and books from the world’s best self improvement gurus and people who achieved something great. Throughout their success stories I kept noticing four common areas were always mentioned. These became the FEEL4 steps.

It is truly satisfying to know that the four steps are the one and only formula you will ever have to use to improve your life.

Find out more by reading the FEEL4 guide or please just keep coming back to read through the regular blog posts aimed at improving your view of all kind of topics.

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