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Did you read my post about finding a tool that will automatically bulk unfollow people on Twitter? If not HERE IS THE LINK BACK TO IT >>>

Since I unfollowed all 96k of the people I was following, something weird has happened.

Even though I am not following anyone, over the last few days I notice that the total amount of people I am following shows up on my dashboard menu as 3 whereas I am not following anyone. In fact I have seen 4-8 new accounts suddenly appear in my Following list – ones which I have never followed and so I have unfollowed them instantly.

As a result of this Twitter mystery I have given myself a quick FEEL4 path to follow to help me and other people in my situation, to figure out what the hell is going on. Is Twitter growing its business by creating its own activity?

Here is my FEEL4 path:



I am focusing on finding out if Twitter or something else is automatically following people on my behalf and I want to find this out ASAP.


I feel energized to do this because I am pretty annoyed that someone or something is managing my account without my permission.


I am engaging and learning things via the following actions:

1. I am engaging with searching Google with part of my focus as the search term: “finding out if Twitter or something else is automatically following people on my behalf

2. I am learning that many other people have this same issue!

3. I am learning that one place to check first is your Twitter account Settings / Apps page. I have checked to see if any apps have authorised access to my Twitter account. There are no apps at all granted access so in theory nobody has access.

4. I am learning that I should try changing my password just in case someone (or something) is logging in on my behalf. I have now done this.

5. I am engaging with finding and exploring this link which Twitter recommends for people wanting help with a compromised account:

6. Being an website developer I am also I am engaging with the idea that cache (computer memory locally stored to serve data faster) might be an issue and so I will have to wait for a few days to see if the “3” figure disappears and “0” appears as it should.

7. I am ready to engage with Twitter support by contacting them directly. To do this I need to be logged into my Twitter account and then click this link: I then have to follow the onscreen directions to report the issue further: I will select “An account is pretending to be me or someone I know.” and “I am being impersonated.” and then add more information in the field marked “Anything else you’d like to tell us?”.

Final Notes…

Overall I have learnt that Twitter does not specifically offer any support tailored to people who have hacked into your account and are “Following” accounts on your behalf. Even though this appears to be happening a lot! It makes you wonder why… I am also learning there are conspiracy theories which suggest Twitter allegedly may be manufacturing their own business and blaming it on bugs. This is a great read from Shea Bennett (great surname!): New From Twitter – Auto-Following, Even If You Didn’t Want To

If you too have this issue, want to comment about it or know of anything not mentioned here that we all need to know about, then comment below or open up a new community discussion.



  • Christian

    What is going on here. Every day Twitter is following new people for me. I am not even logged into my account whilst this is happening. I have no apps connected or authorised. I have changed my password. There is only one way following can occur – Twitter is doing it. And why are they doing it? To generate their own business. I love Twitter but over the years I am starting to feel they ignore loyal Twitter users and ignore obvious issues. Take a look at this image as proof people are being followed without my consent:

    • Christian

      Fingers crossed, it has taken about 3 days but today I have not had any phantom people being followed by Twitter. Although my total count still shows up as 3 when in fact it should be 0! Maybe Twitter Support actually did something, but no news back from them yet…

      • Christian

        Finger uncrossed. Obviously not fixed and obviously Twitter is either aware of a third party bug that is following people illegally or they are the ones who created this bug. Pretty shocking how they get away with it: No wonder people like Justin Bieber have so many followers; perhaps it is being done to encourage celebrities to sign up so they know they’ll get automatic followers. Shouldn’t this blatant issue be a news story for one of the global news channels to investigate further? [NB: all comments are alleged at present].

    • Christian

      Latest update… Okay so Twitter obviously has a bug (wink wink cough cough) which follows people without your consent. Hmm I wonder why Twitter wouldn’t want to fix that bug (wink wink cough cough). It’s not like it helps drive a constant flow of business or anything like that (eyes wide open staring face). So I still haven’t heard anything back from Twitter as to my support enquiry. I am also realising that you are forced to follow people so that you yourself get followed (unless you are one of the Kardashians of course). So I am following people back now. If I miss you out just let me know.

      • Christian

        Latest news… Unbelievable… Twitter responded to my query with a template reply. It said for me to try two links. One was how to follow people and the other to unfollow them. I used to love Twitter but now I feel they don’t value their loyal users, I’ve been there since the beginning and no blue verification badge and no decent support. Shame. What do you think about this?

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