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So then … you have written a book on CreateSpace. Have you created an awesome book cover to match?

Don’t worry if you haven’t as this post will take you through the FEEL4 steps to help you design and create one.

So let’s start by making this your focus: I am focusing on making a professional book cover for CreateSpace that will help sell my book. I want to do this as soon as is possible.

Now let’s look at what might energize you to want to design a book cover: I feel energized to do this because…

1. I want people’s first impressions of my book to be good.
2. I want to raise enough money selling the book to allow me to do what I want to do and a cover will help that happen.
3. I want to show people I am good at design and feel proud I wrote the book and designed its cover myself.
4. I can’t wait to hold my book in my hands knowing it is finally in print.
5. Having a book cover will help me with my marketing of the book.
6. I love designing, it is fun.

Next up, how will you make this happen? What actions will you need to engage with to achieve your focus? I am going to engage with (… and learn):
*Note: Click the green text to view external links and pop up supporting images

1. Engage with clicking this CreateSpace LINK to download the exact size book template for me to use later in Canva.

> 1.1 > I learnt that I need to make sure I have stated the correct trim size and amount of pages in my book so that my cover template is the correct size. Otherwise the images and content of the cover may be off centre.

> 1.2 > I learnt that I need to go to the location on my computer (usually called “Downloads”) where I downloaded my book cover template and hover my mouse cursor over the book template image so I can get the exact size to put into the Canva custom dimensions fields. I need to make a note of these for the next action.

2. Engage with registering and or logging into my Canva account to start the cover design process…

> 2.1 > First I need to click the green “Create Design” button. Then the “Use Custom Dimensions” button.

> 2.2 > Now I need to get the book template dimensions I noted down and add them to the custom dimensions fields.

> 2.3 > Next up, I need to upload my book template .png image version to my Canva account and then drag it to the new custom blank image size so it fits exactly.

> 2.4 > Now I have everything setup it is time to use the transparent setting in Canva to make the template opaque; this allows me to add other images and text and know where they need to be placed.

> 2.5 > It is time to get some great images that suit the title of my book and what my book genre is all about.
>> 2.4.1 >> I learnt that PEXELS and PIXABAY are great websites to get free images for my cover.

> 2.6 > Once I have selected my cover images and added them I need to also add some text for the book title and back cover information and then* download the finished version.
*Note you may have to delete the .png template from the background once you have positioned your images. This can be tricky but it can be done; just drag the main image a little to one side and then delete the .png template.

> 2.7 > Finally I must go back to my CreateSpace account where my book has already been added and go to the “Cover” section. Once there I need to click the “Build Your Cover Online” option (do not use the PDF Cover option for this). Once the next screen about book covers choices pops up I need to select the template that says “This design is intended to accommodate your own fully-formatted cover”. And once clicked I then just need to upload the cover I created in Canva and I am ready to approve and then sell my book!

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