Christian Jacques Bennett

I know what you’re thinking. The voice in your head is probably saying oh no not another guy who thinks he has invented the holy grail of how to be successful.

Well you know what. Your voice is right. It’s absolutely true. I have found the holy grail. I am not ashamed to say it. If you don’t want to know about it feel free to leave … but before you do go … let me check what you mean by “success”.

When I say that FEEL4 is a formula that will always lead you to succeed I am not saying that every single person who uses it will suddenly become a billionaire. I define success in FEEL4 terms as the art of following four steps that take you forward to a better outcome.

So, for example, if you are running a business and using FEEL4 correctly, this time next year you will find yourself in a better place emotionally and financially, if that is what you want.

A great real life example is my divorce, it devastated me. At the time it felt as if I would never find happiness again, but by practising FEEL4 daily it led me down a positive path of fulfilment and my good actions healed me. Six years on I am successfully over the worst, I have found a new lease of life, FEEL4 guided me and still does, I now know in another six years life will be even better.

Success to me is also about feeling better than you did when you started something. Success will also mean different things to different people. For someone who is stressed out, leaving their 100k a year job and moving to a farm where they earn peanuts might be what they consider finding success.

A word to the wise. People often think about money as being the only currency where success is concerned, but it isn’t, in fact the biggest currency you can deal in is health. So if you do find a place in life where stress doesn’t effect you then you are going to be one of the richest people alive.

I’m suddenly smiling now because I just realised something. Because you have read this far I am getting a gut feeling that there is something deep inside you that is starting to realise I am telling the truth.

Well congratulations! Because as corny as me saying “Congratulations” and using an exclamation mark is, it cannot deter from the fact that something inside you is absolutely correct to have brought you here. I am telling you the truth, FEEL4 is incredibly simple and yet incredibly powerful and you are so close to finding out how it can transform your life. This website is full of tutorials, products, services, pages and posts that will teach you everything you need to know.

I forgot to say hi!

I’m Christian by the way and you may have picked up on it but I am obsessed with performance and improvement. By that I mean what makes us do what we do, what makes us feel what we feel, what can be improved to make us the best we can be, or what makes something the best it can be. Ultimately can we do things better and does it matter.

I’ve studied psychology as part of a BSc degree I attained (using FEEL4 to do it). I have read many books from the world’s leading life coaches, billionaires etc. I have run businesses and created government organisations. I have also been a refuse collector and a cesspool truck driver, I have experienced life in many guises and I have dealt with pretty much every emotion you can think of. Divorce, death, mental illness, redundancy, you name it I have been through it. So I would definitely consider myself and expert in human behaviour. One that will help you be the best you can be no matter your situation.

With all this said and done, the reason I am typing this out on a warm evening in the south coast of England is that I want to share with you what I have learnt and continue to learn, all in the hope you can benefit. Some call what I do life blogging, vlogging, coaching, and some say it’s a mixture of therapy and project management, well I call it pathfinding!

So if you know that two heads are better than one. If you can sense that I genuinely will fight your corner no matter what, up until you find and achieve what you need to do, then start pathfinding with me.

Why wait? I invite you to CLICK HERE right now and start the ball rolling…

Or just email me at … Hopefully chat with you soon!


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