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Casey Neistat released this video when he reached 10 million subscribers.

The main advice he tells people to focus on to help them be a YouTube success is:

3. Learn to wait…………….

Without patience you won’t make it. Do what you love to do and keep vlogging. Eventually people will come.

Giving something up is a guaranteed way to fail…



  • john

    I love Casey but one thing to mention is the fact he has been around since the start of YouTube and that gave him an edge compared to anyone trying to build a large subscription if they started today. You can do it but I think Casey himself would find it hard to start today.

    • Christian

      I know what you are saying but if you really want to succeed you have to weed out the negative perspectives and water the positives to help you grow in a positive and successful direction. For example, people still are making it big on YouTube. It is definitely factually possible and as long as this is the case you can make it if you want to. Lilly Singh started late on YouTube [28 Oct 2010 – YT started 14 February 2005] and she has 15 million subs. Check out her story in this video

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