FEEL4’s core mission is to make you feel better by improving your situation.


FEEL4 is a four step natural improvement formula and life philosophy that generates success, wellness, positivity and goodness. It was born from the desire to help people overcome challenging situations and feel better one step at a time. Using its principles will enable you to forge a perfect path that always leads you to succeed.

Once you understand the four step concept you will see and feel it in everything.

This website is dedicated to studying FEEL4’s ethos and the relationship its four step formula has with everything. It does this so you can benefit from the wisdom and apply it to improving your life.

FEEL4 is an acronym for:


These are the four sequential steps that make up the FEEL4 formula. Undertaking all four steps creates a path that leads you to accomplish things that improve your situation.

You are invited to be amongst the first to join a brand new community of positive thinking people who believe good actions will make our world a better place. People who want to improve their situation and be the best they can be.

Website visitors will see that regular blog posts are published on various subjects to explore how the FEEL4 formula applies to them. The idea is to change your perspective on how you view things and to provide you with a new angle to experience and improve your life. Click here to take a look.

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The blog posts of this website focus on three main categories. They represent THE BIG 3 core areas of your life which encompass all things.

Health covers both your physical, mental and spiritual health. Examples are meditation, fitness and nutrition. Wealth covers anything that you need to produce, pay and or work for. Examples would be the job you do, the house you live in, the garden you cultivate and the mobile phone you use to communicate. Relationships covers every social interaction you have throughout your life with anyone or anything. Examples might be the interaction with family and friends, a dentist, a bond with a pet or even a plant.

If you find your life is not going great and you are feeling low in mood then you are likely neglecting to take care of one or more of THE BIG 3.

The blog uses these three categories because everything that is written about will in some way relate to one or more category. This makes things very easy to find and aligns them to the FEEL4 way of thinking.

FEEL4 – Feel Better!

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